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Vixie (800x 601) by GalanorBrighteye
Vixie (800x 601)
A commission for an IMVU friend, VixieFoxBat. Resized for use in IMVU.
Ventarii by GalanorBrighteye
A drawing that I did for my friend :icondraconwolf88: of his original alien species, the Ventarii. It was quite the challenge to figure out with its... bizarre anatomy. (The ears were the hardest part, interestingly.)
Alak'Tsarr Concepts by GalanorBrighteye
Alak'Tsarr Concepts
Some head concept designs for a creature I'm currently working on, the Alak'Tsarr. It's an alien creature and the main predator of the native intelligent species of the planet. It's an ambush predator that lies in wait, then strikes its prey with the thick, bony blades that jut from its skull. They wrap around the skull from forehead to beneath the chin. The head is thrust forward with great force and speed; the bone protrusions can slice its prey cleanly in two with one precise strike.

Its brain is also protected by the thick skull that it is encased in. It's very hard to kill with weapons aimed at the head; however, the neck and rest of the body are mostly unprotected and vulnerable.
Hork-Bajir Portrait, female, alternate color by GalanorBrighteye
Hork-Bajir Portrait, female, alternate color
This lady is my version of a Hork-Bajir, from K. A. Applegate's novel series, Animorphs. These are one of the species in there that have interested me the most, so I thought I'd draw one realistically. I may do my own versions of the other species mentioned in those books (Taxxons, Andalites, and maybe a few of the others.) Still not really sure... but here's a Horkie!

Note: This color scheme is more along the lines of what I originally intended for the piece, though I was too lazy to go back in and actually re-color. Yay hue/brightness/contrast filters!

EDIT: Somehow the last one was derped on colors! I went back in and fixed it, then decided to also demonstrate the difference in males and females of the species. (Note one fewer horn on the head.) THIS is how I first imagined the piece, not the hyperintense colors I had last time.
Good god. I think I know why I avoid drawing birds. No, not really; I like drawing birds. But feathers take so much more time than scales. o_____o I have been working on this for hours, and I have barely gotten the head and neck done.


Despite the lengthy time span, though, it's going amazingly~ I can't wait to show you guys the finished bit. Gonna be so much better than the abstracty silhouettey one. You have no idea. @_@



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Renee Lawrimore
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, guys. I'm a 21-year-old art hobbyist, and I deal mostly with drawing dragons and (occasionally) various nature scenes. I might dabble here and there in photography too, if I see something I like. Also, don't be surprised if you see literature popping up in my gallery, too. I'm scatterbrained and skip around on projects a LOT. I love to give and receive comments, so don't be afraid to leave feedback on anything I post. ^^

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