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It is said that there was once a great dragon that slept in the bowels of the earth at the time of its creation, and so great was its strength that even the gods didn't dare to combat it. Mighty thought the dragon was, however, it wasn't an evil beast. The dragon simply meant to be left alone to sleep. Though it was peaceful, the fire in its belly was too hot, and the earth was dry and inhospitable, and the gods sorrowed that the Earth would never flourish so long as the dragon slept beneath the ground. The gods, finally tired of the barren, dead world that the dragon's fire created, banded together to wake the beast. They tried for an age, and at last succeeded. When it finally stirred, its slight movements were so great that the earth was rent open. It tore its way out of the shell of the earth, forming mountains and valleys where its claws dug at the ground and tail dragged.  A great flap of his wings took it into the air, and then into the sky beyond. It soared the heavens, searching for something.

"Who wakes me?" It asked to the heavens.

"We," the gods responded. "You must leave, or the world will never flourish."

The mighty dragon looked back from his place among the stars, to the ball of dust that he had left behind, crumbling and barren. "I see your world," he responded, acknowledging that that it was because of him that the world was dead. "I shall fix that which I have broken." The dragon then swooped closer to the Earth, watching it with a careful gaze. He took a deep breath of its air, and gently exhaled; instead of fire, there came a warm mist which formed clouds, and it began to rain. Soon, the oceans had appeared, and the land was becoming green with vegetation. The gods smiled and looked at him, as the world was soon full of life.

"We thank you, great dragon," the gods sang. "We will repay you."

"Just let me sleep," the dragon responded. "I am so tired. Always so tired."

"Then rest among the stars," they answered. The gods sang into creation a soft bed of mist and star-dust in the heavens, into which the dragon coiled himself among the stars. He still sleeps there to this very day.
Draco's Birth
This is a bit of a short story I wrote. I had an assignment to come up with an alternate creation myth for the constellation Draco, and I liked it enough that I thought I'd submit it for everyone to read. Enjoy!
Xenomorph by GalanorBrighteye
:squee: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. :squee:

This is the first time I've done a serious Xenomorph piece. It's also the first serious piece I think I've done in years, and it was SO MUCH FUN! I did a variation of this for a friend, but this one is what I think a Xeno should look like. Sorry for lazy background and dirty edges.

ALSO: skull reference here:…

AND SPECIAL THANKS to :iconsenshistock: for this lovely pose reference! Sailor Silly + Cute 14
Halloween - Werewolf by GalanorBrighteye
Halloween - Werewolf
Happy Halloween, guys! I know I haven't submitted anything in AGES. I thought I'd do something a bit different for Halloween this year, so I did a photomanipulation! It's not awesome, but hey, it's my first one. So :P


Moon / sky -…
Lightning -…

Mountain -…
There's a status thing now? Cool. I Twitter, so this is neat.
Iisowy - Race Ref Sheet by GalanorBrighteye
Iisowy - Race Ref Sheet
An aquatic race that I came up with a novel I eventually plan to write. It's an extraterrestrial race, aquatic in nature. They spend most of their time in water, but they can and do survive for long periods on land thanks to their tough, denticle-covered skin that is rather like that of a shark's. Their skin both reduces drag while they are in their aquatic environment, and also prevents them from drying out when out of the water.

They are an omnivorous species that feeds mostly on fish supplemented with kelp and other underwater plants. They survive both in fresh and saltwater environments, though the two breeds differ slightly in color and appearance. There is a sizable population of freshwater Iisowy living in the Lifeblood River, particularly in the Sage city of Ninevale in Derinth Forest.
Good god. I think I know why I avoid drawing birds. No, not really; I like drawing birds. But feathers take so much more time than scales. o_____o I have been working on this for hours, and I have barely gotten the head and neck done.


Despite the lengthy time span, though, it's going amazingly~ I can't wait to show you guys the finished bit. Gonna be so much better than the abstracty silhouettey one. You have no idea. @_@



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Renee Lawrimore
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Hey, guys. I'm a 21-year-old art hobbyist, and I deal mostly with drawing dragons and (occasionally) various nature scenes. I might dabble here and there in photography too, if I see something I like. Also, don't be surprised if you see literature popping up in my gallery, too. I'm scatterbrained and skip around on projects a LOT. I love to give and receive comments, so don't be afraid to leave feedback on anything I post. ^^

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